Here Goes Nothing!

This has been a long time coming. For several months –years if we’re being completely honest here– I have danced and romanced the thought of blogging over and over in my mind.  You see, I’ve been here before.  I started a cute little blog back in 2014 chronicling my walk with Christ… but then life happened.  I went away from home for a while, and by the time I came back my life had changed dramatically.  So I let that go.  Then of course other things began to consume my time and this whole blogging thing seemed so far from reach.

“…my persistent scrutiny of every aspect of my life has been and is one of my most debilitating traits.”

Fast forward to now.  I can admit that I have a terrible habit of downplaying myself. I am my biggest and toughest critic (but aren’t we all?).  I used to take joy –pride even– in being a self proclaimed perfectionist. As of late, however, I am realizing that my persistent scrutiny of every aspect of my life has been and is one of my most debilitating traits. I’m not quite sure if there’s a fix for that, so I’ve decided to create one. I have a sort of knack for that. Creating that is.  I’ve decided that my love for creating, my passion for fashion, and my heart for Christ are worth sharing with you all. So I’m challenging myself to be bold; to be brave; to be perfectly fine with being imperfect.

&so, without further ado, I present to you: The Debby O Show.



What I Wore:

Thank God Tee

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