The Bottom Line

If my experience shopping for a nice pair of dressy pants is reflective of the majority of women out there, I think I can confidently speak for us all when I say that it is nearly impossible! Over the years I have had the pleasure of assisting women of all shapes and sizes in finding that “perfect fit”.  For some, the process is fairly painless: She sees the pant. She likes the pant. She tries the pant. It fits wonderfully! She buys the pant. Everyone is happy. But most of the time it’s a struggle and a half.


For this reason I very rarely buy pants online.  I NEED to try ’em before I buy ’em. There’s nothing worse than ordering a dope pant (that of course looks beyond flattering on the model), anxiously awaiting its arrival, only to tear open that package and discover that it fits you like a Trader Joes shopping bag.

BUT! I decided to take a risk. I found a two piece set that I just could not resist, so I did it. I bought a pant online. And it is EVERYTHING!


Front pleats normally look terrible on me, but in this case they fall just right. The pant also features an elastic band along the back portion of the waist which eliminates what I like to call the “back gap” that you may see with other pants, and because they are made of a chiffon-like polyester, they have a nice flow to them. AND it comes in all my favorite colors. I just might get me another set!




What I wore:

Do You Wanna Bet? Set

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