Inspired by Chimamanda… and Rosie

I decide to do this little “Rosie the Riveter” inspired look upon my completion of the beautifully authored We Should All Be Feminists by the one and only ChimamandaNgozi Adichie (yes, I am late to the party, but I’ve arrived!).


My father taught me how to change a tire at the age of 10, around the same time that I began experiencing major changes in my preteen body.  I loved getting my hands dirty while I handed him tools, but I hated having to tell him that I was all out of feminine hygiene products and we needed to get home… FAST! I enjoyed watching playing Dragon Ball Z and acting out scenes with my older brother in our living room, that is until one day my mom scolded him telling him not to handle me so rough and that I was reaching the stage where it was no longer appropriate for me to play such games with him or the boys I grew up with.

As much as I tried to fight my femininity as a young girl, it seemed that everything in society, my fam20180820_165502ily, and even my own biology & anatomy was reminding me that there are just simply some struggles that I will inherently face by the very nature of my carrying two “X” chromosomes. I hated it.

It was not until I turned 16 that I learned to love the idea of being able to embrace the beauty of becoming a young woman. I learned that I look pretty darn good in a dress and heels, but I can also throw on some sneakers and sweat pants and help my dad with yard work if ever he needs it. I learned that as a woman I am not limited to the kitchen and my liberation is not to be attained through marriage. I’ve learned a lot, and I am still learning and loving every minute of it!




Comment below: what does being a feminist mean to you?





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